Saturday, 18 January 2014

Which variant is correct?

'To arrive in London' or 'to arrive at London'?
'To pay somebody' or 'to pay to somebody'?
'To go by train' or 'to go on a train'?
'To influence somebody' or 'to influence on somebody'?
(See the answers below.)

If you are not sure which preposition to use, the application ‘English Prepositions Help’ is for you!

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‘English Prepositions Help’ can help you to correctly use prepositions in the following areas of English use:

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- writing all types of letters
- communicating in English clearly
- English homework
- translating texts from your language into English

Learners of different levels (from beginner to advanced) will find lots of useful information. Teachers of the English language can use this app for teaching material.

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ANSWERS to the questions above: to arrive in London, to pay somebody, to go by train and to go on a train (both are correct), to influence somebody. (The explanations and examples for these words are in the app.)

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